Do You Really Need to Eat Big to Build Muscle?

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Alright, let’s cut right to the chase.

Do you really NEED to eat big to build muscle size?

The obvious answer is YES.

After all, if you eat big you’ll put on weight. And, when you put on weight those first 5, 6, 7 pounds, well they don’t REALLY look like fat….

But are they muscle?

AND, let’s be completely honest…if you’re a personal trainer, or an on-line expert…”Eat Big” is the SAFE bet.

After all, there’s really no reason to suspect that Eating Big will HINDER muscle growth…so other than getting fat for no reason, the risk is low.

But is it the RIGHT bet?

A couple questions to ponder:

1 – How many calories does it take to build a pound of muscle?

* Is it 100, 500, 1,000?

2 – How quickly can you actually build a pound of TRUE skeletal muscle mass?

* Can it be done in a day, a week, for sure a year?

3 – Since both protein synthesis and protein catabolism are what drive our resting metabolic rates…aren’t we already building muscle?

* Sure it might not be a lot, but what if we turned ‘down’ the catabolism side of things? would we grow without needing extra calories?

4 – If it does take a lot of calories to build muscle…wouldn’t we see that in an elevated metabolic rate (the rate at which your body consumes calories?)

* Especially if it took more than 100 or so calories per day, why shouldn’t we be able to measure this?

5 – If it does take a lot of calories to build muscle…why can’t those calories come from our body fat? energy is energy..why would it be different?

* Running takes calories…this doesn’t mean you have to eat them…why is building muscle different (talking calories not protein remember)

6 – If we aren’t growing…does that mean we simply need more Calories?

* Is it a simple dose-response relationship?

7 – Are there examples of muscle growth with a Calorie Deficit?

* Is needing to eat big to get big 100% true 100% of the time?

8 – Is ‘weight’ even a good measure of muscle growth?

* Doesn’t weight fluctuate a little too much day to day to be an accurate indicator of muscle growth?

The bottom line is this, it’s not as simple as every seems to think it is.

That’s why Brad Pilon wrote “How Many Calories to Build Muscle” as part of the Anabolic Again Muscle Building Package.

Because quite frankly, he was sick of everyone spewing out the easy answer.

He acutally told me…and I quote…

“If I hear ‘eat 500 extra calories per day’ I may jab a pencil in my ear.”

The truth is, there is no final answer when it comes to calories and building muscle.

But at least we can throw some common sense at the problem.

And, considering the ENTIRE Anabolic Again Protocol is on for a special Introductory price of 50%, it’s almost worth it just for the ‘How Many Calories to Build Muscle’ special report!

(ALMOST, but don’t worry, the rest of the package is pretty darn good too!)

So just another reason to check out Anabolic Again…especially when you can get it at 50% off (at least until Midnight tonight).

Best wishes,


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