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Just recently I was hanging out with my good friend and Canadian fitness model Vince Del Monte.  I met Vince at a conference a couple years ago and we’ve remained very good friends ever since. He’s a very funny guy and extremely down to earth!

I don’t know if you if you’ve ever met him, seen his videos or his pictures but he’s pretty much the “go to guy” for muscle building advice in our circle of friends and online fitness community.

You may know Vince as the guy who was once called “Wimpy Skinny Vinny” and gained 41-lbs of muscle in 6-months then went on to become a National Fitness Model Champion and author. 

What you may not know is that Vince couldn’t crack 190-lbs and hit a crazy rut after – probably very similar to your own rut.  190-lbs became his “limit” and according to the experts – a plateau he should have accepted as “normal” and not  questioned.   

But over the last 2-years, Vince has made a DISCOVERY!

That discovery helped him gain an ADDITIONAL 20-lbs of lean muscle the past 2-years.  He contributes busting through his plateau to  his discovery of the “The 12 Anabolic Targets” (which works for beginners, intermediate and advanced lifters alike).

The BEST NEWS:  he wants to hook you up with all twelve of them absolutely free in his brand new 36-page report: The 12 Untapped Targets To Ignite New Muscle Gains

No catch except that the report is coming down in 72-hours.

You can get it here:

Click =>> The 12 Untapped Targets To Ignite New Muscle Gains

And this is not a sales pitch for something new and shiny… it’s a KILLER content that reveals 12 untapped targets you must hit if you want to ignite new muscle on your body.

You’ll love this! You’ll be able to unlock the target of your choice later today when you hit the gym. 

Provide him your BEST email address to make sure this makes it into your hands:

Click =>> The 12 Untapped Targets To Ignite New Muscle Gains

I’ve been using Targets #4 and #6 the past few weeks…and I’ve been getting some great results. Especially with my injured right shoulder. Plus…it’s been keeping my workouts fresh and stimulating. 

Whether you’re a beginner or advanced, male or female, I’m absolutely certain that you will learn some new information that will help you blow beyond your genetic potential. 

 The 12 Untapped Targets To Ignite New Muscle Gains ⇐ FREE download

To your new muscle,




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