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The incredible three-day launch of TACFIT Commando ends TONIGHT at midnight…

I absolutely love it when I find a program that leaves even my most health and fitness savvy readers gasping for air after a workout.

My friends Scott Sonnon and Ryan Murdock have created exactly that.

TACFIT Commando is a comprehensive 3-month equipment-free, follow-along bodyweight exercise program that’s leaving even fitness professionals shaking their heads in amazement–and gym owners who stick their clients with high monthly fees quaking in fear.

Just check out what Gregory Zobel at Texas Tech had to say about this package:

“Are you guys insane? After the promo material and emails, I thought this program was going to be $399 and out of my grasp. When I saw it was only $97, I said, “They’re insane!” and then whipped out my credit card. I can’t believe your price point! Also, the follow-along training vids are exactly what people like me need. I need to see someone do it and follow along. You guys keep putting out awesome material, and I like knowing you always over-deliver on excellence.”

If you’re even slightly interested in the program that just raised the bar in the world of health and fitness by breaking all the rules, this is the one you need to check out:

Click here =>> TACFIT Commando

You have until midnight TONIGHT to grab the 6 Three-Day Launch bonuses along with the full TACFIT Commando Deluxe package for 51% off its full price:

  • “Secrets Of The Flow State Performance Spiral” audio report
  • Deehani Endurance Breathing Techniques of the Soviet Special Forces (audio)
  • Breakthrough FlowFighting® Toughness Training audio report
  • Russian Marine Combat Engagement Prep Program video
  • Russian Special Operations Escape and Evasion video
  • Coach Murdock’s Secrets of Stick Fighting videos

These bonuses alone are enough to put the “special” in “special ops.” I told Scott and Ryan they’re crazy to give this stuff away for free. But freedom is at the core of their message.

One of the best things about TACFIT Commando is that you can train anywhere, any time–without equipment and without being a slave to someone else’s schedule.

Yes, you read that right. This program will actually save you money. And you’ll get better results on it than you ever have before.

So what are you waiting for? The lean, shredded, sexy body that you crave is just one click away…

Click here =>> TACFIT Commando

Yours in health,

~ Pete

Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I NEVER recommend something I don’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.


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