Why I’m Thankful For The Rotater

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I know most of you probably already know about my motorcycle accident back in November 2008. It was a bad one. The Motorcycle Helmet That Saved My Life

Doing 60 MPH on the highway headed back to Ohio from Florida. Hit some debris in the road in Georgia and was thrown off my 2003 Harley Davidson Softail Heritage Classic.

I flew head-over-heels, through the fast lane, and ended up in the center median. The police report says I traveled 90 yards from start to finish.

Just to top things off…I landed in a fire ant nest and was bitten hundreds of times on my arms and torso. Yeah…it sucked!!!

The initial impact was on my right shoulder, then my left shoulder, then my knees, then my back and so on. It hurt like a…well…it hurt a lot!!!

Luckily I was wearing a full-faced helmet and walked away with just a broken rib, 2 separated shoulders (the right one was pretty severe), some cuts (stitches fixed them up), and assorted other abrasions and bruises.

The worst injury was definitely my shoulder.

I suffered with pretty bad pain for over a year…until I met this Chris Melton on Facebook. Chris read about my injury on one of my Facebook posts and sent me a message about his product called The Rotater. Chris and his buddy Scott Kay…another motorcycle enthusiast with a bum shoulder…developed this product to help increase shoulder strength and range of motion.

To find out why I’m thankful for The Rotater, continue reading my story at the link below:

Click here =>> Thankful For The Rotater

Please Note: Chris provided me with The Rotater free of charge to see if it would help my shoulder. My testimonial is completely voluntary and I am NOT being compensated in any way by Chris or anyone else for sharing my story. This product has helped me and I hope it helps you too if you have a shoulder injury. This post contains NO affiliate links. This is simply a product that I use and believe in…period!!!


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2 Responses to “Why I’m Thankful For The Rotater”

  1. Chris Melton says:

    Hey Pete,

    Thanks for giving the Rotater a try and sharing the experience with your readers.
    Chris Melton´s last blog post ..Editor of The Healthy Minute is thankful for the Rotater

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