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I apologize if some of this post sounds redundant…I did just write about it yesterday. :-)

But I personally know the creators (Intellimon – makers of the award-winning XSitePro web site design software) of this website building course, and I really believe in their products!

I guess I’m  just really excited to tell you how you can get a complimentary copy – yes a copy for *nothing* – of their remarkable new website building training course.

They’re having a prize draw tonight (Thursday, October 15th) at 10:00 PM EST…and it is free to enter…just click the link below:

Click here =>> Complete Guide to Website Building Prize Drawing

The course, in case you haven’t already heard, is MASSIVE. It’s taken twelve months to put together, and is completely unique.

It’s been specially put together for people:

… who have never built a web site in their lives before…


… who have tried to get to grips with building websites, only to get confused and de-motivated before eventually giving up out of sheer frustration…


… who have previously outsourced and now want to take control of their existing website, and stop relying on costly designers who want paying every time a small change needs making…

In short people who want to move forward with their plans and ideas on-line, but need someone to show them the EXACT steps they need to take.

And that’s *exactly* what this course will do for you.

There’s over THIRTY HOURS of stimulating and professionally delivered content, packed full of:

- over-the-shoulder demonstrations

- full-motion video explanations

- interactive drawings

- pop-quizzes

- homework exercises

… and plenty more besides.

This is the Website Training MOTHERLODE!!

Can you imagine what you could achieve with this invaluable new-found skill? Go on… just picture the possibilities…

Now, I did say at the start of this post that I’d tell you how you could get hold of a copy without parting with a single cent… well, here’s how …

As part of the build up to the launch on Wednesday 21st October, there’s a ‘Grand Prize Draw’ being held – the draw’s taking place TONIGHT (Thursday at 10pm Eastern Time) – and all you need to do to enter is fill out your name and e-mail in the Entry Form.

There are a total of TEN free training seats being given away, and the winners will be announced this Friday – so you won’t have long to wait.

I urge you to enter this generous prize draw as soon as possible. It would be a real shame if you were to miss out simply for the sake of thirty seconds of your time.

Here’s the link again to enter the drawing:

Click here =>> Complete Guide to Website Building Prize Drawing

Here’s hoping yours is one of the lucky names drawn out of the hat on Thursday.

Wishing you the best of luck,


Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I NEVER recommend something I don’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.


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