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Can this sales training secret really be worth $9,702.52?

OK, you guys know the drill: guy gives away free content hoping you’ll buy his junk right? Believe me…I’m as sick of it as you guys, but this is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!

Mike Hill, who is just an awesome dude by the way, typically charges $25K for a 1 day visit to his office to teach big wigs how to sell HUGE amounts of their “stuff”.¬†Today he’s giving away one of his best kept secrets…


SECRET #1: THE VALUE TROJAN – How to turn ONE $5 sale a day into an EXTRA $9,702.52 CASH!


He’ll be releasing more secrets every few days but this one is HUGE and something you could use TODAY even if you’re new! ¬†

WARNING: If you like hype, this is NOT the guy for you. No hype here, it’s all about the numbers with Mike…

Click the link below to check it out:

Click here =>> Sales Tsunami

Have you heard of Mike Hill before? If not, don’t worry about it…I hadn’t either until recently. But I’m sure glad I do now! Mike has been quietly helping companies grow by millions in revenues, using some very simple techniques.

Let’s see how many of these revenue growing sales techniques you already know…

Do you know how to set up a micro-payment option?
Do you know how to use “Network Style” pages?
Do you use Micro-Commitments in your sales pages?
Can you make a short copy sales page?
Have you pulled max value from Up Sells in your path?

If you answered “NO” to any of these, you definitely want to check out Mike’s site…

Normally it’s $25,000 for just 8 hours of marketing training with this guy, but to promote his new course, he is going to release a few of his most powerful secrets to you for free this week.

If you want to see the future of marketing, this is it. Click the link below to get the first $9,702.52 secret:

Click here =>> Sales Tsunami

Wishing you health, wealth and happiness…

~ Pete

Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I NEVER recommend something I don’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.


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