Fat Burning Cardio Workout Secrets

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If you’re spending 30-45 minutes a day on the treadmill, or gauging the quality of your workout by how many calories the elliptical machine states that you’ve burned, then I have bad news for you…you are slowing your fat loss results considerably.
Just say NO to cardio. That’s what the latest TT Transformation Contest winner Lora Colson did, and check out her results…

Click the link below to read Lora’s success story and see the great results from the 2nd and 3rd place participants:
The quickest way to burning fat is not to work out in the “fat burning” zone or to do endless amounts of long, slow, boring cardio, but instead to ramp up your workout intensity.
And the most proven way to do that is with short burst exercise in the form of interval training. That’s the cardio secret to getting more results.
With interval training, you’ll do short, burst exercise for 30-60 seconds followed by 60-120 seconds of light recovery.
It’s that simple. 
In the case of 30/60 for example, you would do 30 seconds of burst exercise followed by 60 seconds of light activity and repeat that up to six times.
This type of interval training is perfect when added to your resistance training supersets and you’ll transform your body, just like these Transformation Contest winners:
Who knows, it might even be you who wins the $1000 grand prize in the 7th Turbulence Training Transformation Contest that starts on Sunday, December 27th, right after Christmas.
In the meantime, get inspired by these amazing men and women and get ready to use the interval training cardio secret to burn fat in 2010.
Wishing you health and happiness,
~ Pete
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