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If you’ve been wanting to improve your eating habits to speed up your fat loss efforts, then this post is a must read.

I just received a pretty cool email from Patrick over at Empowered Nutrition.  He tells me he is about to release a never before publicly offered product on his site.  Not only is he releasing this but he is going to kill it with a 50% off sale*.  That’s better than anything I have seen.

Patrick wants me to share this with you because his goal is to help as many people achieve their health and fitness, fat loss and muscle building goals as possible and feels the time is right to release this powerful product to the public.

When Patrick speaks…I listen. I’ve been following the Empowered Nutrition Meal Plans and they’ve helped me lose 15 pounds of fat in just 12 weeks. So I absolutely believe him when he talks about nutrition, fitness and fat loss.

Up until now you could only get the power of this product from a Fitness Professional, Nutritionist, Private Training Studio, Gym or Weight Loss Center.  Seriously I know this is the real deal and will deliver the results all the hyped up products want you to believe in with their “magic pills and potions”.  Bottom line, Patrick believes in the 3 pillars of results and transformations:

nutrition + exercise + supplements

Patrick has often times told me that it is the synergy of these three components that truly transform people’s lives in record setting time.  He has told me even though pills and powders make up a great deal of his business that they are actually the third part of the equation if you have to put them in order.  Nutrition is first, exercise second and supplements third.

That is honest and ethical information that I don’t often hear from the mega marketing driven product manufacturers.  That’s one of the reasons I respect Patrick and Empowered Nutrition and believe that he can help you achieve your goals.

So if you are thinking of finally getting things done and carving 20 years of turkey fat from your life in the next 12 weeks, Patrick is ready to help with the right tools and the right incentive.  A Personalized Nutrition Program is the sharpest carving knife in the drawer.  It works better than liposuction, lasts longer and is even faster (considering you have to wait months just to get an appointment).

Visit the site.  It’s full of amazing articles and blog posts and a FREE REPORT: Top 10 Fat Loss Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes and How to Avoid Them.

Just click the link below to check it out:

Click Here == >  Empowered Nutrition Fat Loss Report

This weekend there is a great big sale over at but the best savings will be on Friday November 27 from midnight to midnight to get 50% INSTANT DISCOUNTS applied to all Personalized Nutrition Programs.  He is even cutting costs for the entire weekend with a 10% INSTANT SAVINGS on all supplements from Friday November 27 at midnight to Monday 30 at midnight as well.

I want to help you get in great shape before the New Year’s Resolutions get wasted again so go get your Personalized Nutrition Programs for less.  Remember this is the most powerful turkey fat cutting tool in your drawer and Patrick is offering it with a 50% Instant Discount On Friday November 27 midnight to midnight.  After that the Instant Discount will be reduced by 10% each day and totally gone Monday at 11:59:59pm.  Patrick also wanted me to tell you that ALL supplements at are 10% off this
weekend too.

Here’s the Instant Discount Schedule:

Friday November 27         – 50% Discount on Personalized Nutrition Programs
Saturday November 28     – 40% Discount on Personalized Nutrition Programs
Sunday November 29       – 30% Discount on Personalized Nutrition Programs
Monday November 30      – 20% Discount on Personalized Nutrition Programs
ALL Weekend 27 to 30    – 10% Instant Discount on All supplements

My advice… if you are thinking about cutting the fat or building some muscle, get over there now and check it out.  Then on Friday at midnight (12:00:01am) get hooked up with your Personalized Nutrition Program and save 50%.

Here’s the link to make it easy:

Click here == > Empowered Nutrition

One last thing…Patrick told me that there might even be some bonus “door crashers” randomly this weekend.  If I know Patrick that means he isn’t thinking about it.  He’s already got them done and is just deciding when to make them available to grab.

Have fun shopping!

~ Pete

Disclaimer: some of the links mentioned within this post or posts they lead to are my affiliate links and I get compensated for recommending those products. However I NEVER recommend something I don’t believe in and welcome your questions and feedback.


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