Grapefruit Can Increase Fat Loss

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[Note from Pete: My friend and nutrition expert Patrick McGuire from Empowered Nutrition sent me this email. I have his permission to share it with you, and I found the information about how grapefruit can increase fat loss to be very interesting. I hope you enjoy it!]

Grapefruit Can Increase Fat Loss
by Patrick McGuire

I just had to rehash this oldie to help you understand that not all diets are created equal…nor do they all work.

Here’s a recap to better understand where this came from.
The Grapefruit diet which is also known as the Hollywood diet, originated in the 1930′s. This fad diet was originally not considered to be really good for health. It was a study in the year 2004, where Dr. Ken Fujioka and his team at the Nutrition and Metabolic Research Center at Scripps Clinic found that by adding either half a grapefruit or having grapefruit juice with each meal can result in an average weight loss of about 3.5 pounds in around 12 weeks.
The grapefruit is an amazing fruit; this has natural carbohydrates and is high in fiber and vitamin C. This was originally named the Forbidden Fruit of Barbados . The grapefruit is a sub-tropical citrus tree that grows to about 5-6m in height and can sometimes reach 13-15 m as well. This fruit has many nutrients, which is why it is popular for the fad diets. Dr. Fujioka discovered that the grapefruit diet could help to reduce the insulin levels.
So, how does one practice the grapefruit diet?

There are many theories and debates about this. Various people suggest grapefruit diet plans, but it is always better to consult your doctor before following any diet routine randomly. There are ways you can incorporate the grapefruit in your routine as well. Here’s how toadd grapefruit to your meal.
Simply add half a grapefruit to your breakfast items. This contains only 35 calories and is fat free.
If you are the one who loves salads, you can use this to make an interesting combination with your regular salad ingredients.
Grapefruits can be used to make interesting cocktails as well! This goes well with vodka and gin. To combine grapefruit juice with alcohol, shake around 50 ml vodka with 75 ml of grapefruit juice and cranberry juice. Serve this combo with ice. [I stole that last line right from the research paper, not my recommendation at all, just poking fun.]
A glass of grapefruit juice with every meal can help you in weight reduction. If this is not sweet enough for you, you can mix unsweetened lemon juice as well.

The grapefruit diet is popular because:

  • It is known to assist weight loss.
  • This is relatively inexpensive as compared to all other means for weight loss.
  • It is also quick and easy to prepare and can be blended well with other ingredients.

There are many dos and don’ts when it comes to the grapefruit diet. Here are few things you need to look out for while following such a

  • Have 8 glasses of water everyday.
  • The amount of the grapefruit or the grapefruit juice should not vary. Do not reduce or increase the amount when you are following the diet.
  • If you are used to having coffee, then limit it to one cup at meal times. This is because it can affect the insulin balance, which in turn can hinder the burning process.
  • Butter can be used in generous amounts over vegetables and you can even use it to fry some foods.
  • Sad but true, desserts need to be completely avoided along with sweet potatoes.
  • Do not starve yourself when it comes to having any meal. Eat only as much is required.

Here is a rough outline for a Grapefruit Diet:

The pattern of the diet can vary from person to person. Before you follow the one mentioned below, it is always better to consult a dietician to know whether it would suit your general health and lifestyle.
For the breakfast:
Have half a grapefruit with 1-cup coffee or tea but without any sugar.
For the lunch:
Include half a grapefruit with 2 eggs, which are cooked as per your taste. Eat cucumbers combined with tomato salad along with vinegar and lemon. You can also add an odd slice of toast with coffee if you have skipped the morning cup.
For the dinner:
Again, have half a grapefruit with 5 ounces of lean meat. Use some lettuce and tomato salad for your menu along with lemon and vinegar. A cup of coffee and tea works fine with this combo.
The flipside to the grapefruit diet, as mentioned earlier would depend on the individuals. Although this helps to burn fat, it is very acidic and is not suitable for people with stomach ailments.
This diet being low in calories may not be healthy for a period of 12 days if the body does not get the necessary food intake. It might also interfere with certain medications. So, before you take the plunge and start a new diet routine, find out which diet would suit you the best.
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