How to Impress a Playboy Photographer

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The people who come to train in person with Chad Waterbury in Los Angeles usually have a fat-loss CRISIS...

They need to do things most people would say are “impossible” — like getting into good enough shape in a few weeks’ time to impress Playboy at a magazine-cover shoot…

… win a beauty pageant or figure competition

… or whip themselves into shape for a movie role.

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Chad has achieved near “legendary” status for his ability to perform these kinds of rapid transformations for his clients.

And the good news is, they work JUST AS WELL (sometimes even better) for “regular people” who aren’t planning on any magazine photo spreads but just want to get sexy slim in time for a wedding…

… a hot date… or summer bikini season.

Check this FREE video out now, because Chad won’t be letting these secrets “leak out” for long:

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